Flotation plant


The Company's new flotation plant started production in November 2015.

The plant is producing a copper and precious metal concentrate. Feed for the flotation plant can be either tailings from the agitation leaching plant or fresh ore initially fed through a crushing and grinding circuit.

The flotation plant currently comprises two grinding mills, two conditioning tanks and six flotation cells, a thickener, eight cleaner cells, a concentrate collection tank and two filter presses. There are also an additional eight tanks for reagent handling and 12 smaller flotation cells which were constructed as part of the initial project to build a pilot plant.

The flotation plant's first full quarter of operation was the three months to 31 March 2016. During this quarter, 108,381 dry metric tonnes of agitation leaching plant tailing were processed by the plant. The gross metal contained within the feedstock was 3,146 ounces of gold, 64,612 ounces of silver and 570 tonnes of copper. 1,458 dry metric tonnes of copper concentrate were produced containing 777 ounces of gold, 24,595 ounces of silver and 251 tonnes of copper.

Picture gallery of new flotation plant